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Little White Book, now with 10% more littleness

Spent much of today working on my Celestial Stick People book, trying to get it from a 30 page 5.5 x 8.5 doc into a 6 page 8.5 x 11 doc that The Game Crafter can support.

That was not pleasant. But it think it’s looking passable. Not great; not, perhaps, good, even; just passable.

(If you don’t see it above, you can go here to download it.)

I’ve actually had to cut very little; just a sentence here and there, and my one-page introduction. Mostly, it’s just a much more compressed layout than my other design. I miss my wide margins and copious amounts of whitespace, but I’m actually fairly happy that I could do this at all without too many cuts.

I guess if it’s stapled together and stuck in to a card box, people will be more forgiving of really compressed text.

Gonna do more cleanup, bug Marie for the Diamonds card text when she’s back from Indiana, and get it off to The Game Crafter as soon as I can.

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