Tinselfly is an upcoming action/adventure video game. It tells the story of an ordinary woman named Robin, who lives in a small, outer-space shipbuilding town. Join her as she transforms from an unfocused dreamer into a starship captain.

1920s style, outer space fantasy world


Explore Robin’s hometown, learning about her by seeing how she engages with and remembers it.


Visit every deck of Robin’s starship as it surveys unexplored worlds.

Easy-to-learn, fast-paced sword fighting

Engage opponents with fast-paced, concretely presented sword fighting. Swing your sword by holding the mouse button down and moving the mouse, cutting your opponent’s shield into smaller and smaller fragments…


…tap the button to thrust, destroying small fragments of shield entirely…


..then thrust again to do real damage.

3 thoughts on “Tinselfly”

    1. Hee… I actually got approved for a Kickstarter for this years ago, but eventually decided I didn’t want the extra stress of dealing with providing backers with consistent updates and a product delivered in a timely fashion. As something I’m doing in my free time, this is still a long way from completion, and I’m perfectly happy with that, at least for the moment. ;)

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